Make an application for international skills popularity.

You bought your training evidence overseas and would wish to acknowledge in Saxony this?

On software equivalence with Saxon Significant, method degree (Authentic education) or better access certification (senior high school) is examined and exhibited a correspondence.

, You can Moreover, if you are planning to attend school abroad, seek advice on the conditions for future recognition of foreign education certificates in Saxony.

On the net forms and application.

Capable authority.

Point out Place of work for education and schools, Dresden.

Program aspects.

Further information.

Reputation in Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research Acknowledgement Saxony IQ Network Saxony interpreting and language translation data bank status proper rights divisions.


The recognition necessities are complicated and count on the patient situation.

If you live in the Free State of Saxony or recognition for training, studies, professional or other activity in the Free State of Saxony need, you can ask for the recognition. Set your educative employment in Saxony persisted, usually no professional acceptance method is necessary. Permit consult with their state Business of education and Education information.

College entrance certification.

The Key Business office for Overseas Education and learning of the Standing up Meeting is found for various state governments with in depth documents about:

Schooling the many international diplomas or levels of the conditions for acquire and the ways to obtain classification in terms of German university degrees and degrees.


The way to implement, writing an essay please utilize the pertinent kind. Fill it up out totally and publish it along with the demanded documents into the experienced power just one.

Residing in Saxony.

When you stay in Saxony and want to undertake operate, examine or vocational coaching, create the application, remember to get in touch with our Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle from the Express Division for Colleges and Learning, Dresden.

Living in an additional state or offshore.

Be sure to comprehensive the application form for popularity of the documents through the Condition Dept for Education and Schools, Dresden.


Upon having posted your application, it will probably be examined as well as equivalence determination within your teaching license by using a German college degree. You will be given created notification.

Once issued certificate of recognition of Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle would be beneficial if you want to apply to various colleges or training providers who, however.

Essential paperwork.

Form given offshore informative accreditation / diploma or making qualification on the last traveled to instructive school (such as the language translation of this information) tales about visiting college in Germany evidence of university advice (for people to twenty five years) clone of identification unit card, passport or passport, if required displaced identity the place proper, evidence of the label modify (matrimony certificate, maybe which has a translation into German)

You must complete your application please by the following evidence if you already participated in a university entrance examination in the country of origin or studies have graduated from a university:

Detection of international university entrance exams international Transcripts with study and examination (grades and subjects perspective) optionally unusual degree or diploma (one example is, Bachelor) translations with the previously mentioned documents.

Only send the original qualifications and never originals, uncertified replicates or duplicates of expertise.

In addition, all paperwork inside a international language has to be provided for a interpretation in German. These are only recognized from the evaluation providers once they were actually made by a recognized in Germany (or maybe by the German embassy in america of origins), judge-appointed translator.

Exemption: Could be the zeugnisausstellende body in the nation English language-words papers or evidence bilingual out that u. A. Are printed in English, it deserves no language translation.

Fees (rates)

Popularity of international university records like diplomas and other credentials records to university entry ways and professional accreditation:

EUR 30,00 to EUR 400,00.

Identification of tests or qualifications for certified in the Federal Refugees Take action, insofar as one request is produced within 36 months from your date of long term dwelling in the Federal government Republic of Germany.

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