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Lol Drop Cheat

Lol Drop Cheat

Lol side, League Of Legends game is among the most popular games today. There are many cheats to make this game easier and one of them is lol drop hack. Although the trick may seem difficult, its implementation is quite simple.

Lol Drop Cheat

FPS values and ping increase put a lot of strain on the players. That’s why the lol drop trick is so important. The CTRL+F formula allows you to see the FPS and ping values. Check your internet and modem quality and start over to lower your ping values. If your game version or computer drivers are out of date, update them.


Installing Riot Games’ Hextech Repair Tool on your computer may help. The ping value can also drop in this way. You can also lower your ping value thanks to dragonex.

If none of them worked, you can try to contact Riot Games and get information on dragonex.

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